Pack: VOLA Brass Brush + Paraffin 200 g VOLA

Pack for professional cleaning of skis and snowboard bases.

This pack includes:

  • VOLA Brass Brush
  • VOLA special paraffin 200 g for cleaning

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Contenido del pack

Very hard brass brush with thick picks.

Recommended to clean the skis or snowboard base from impurities (or old wax) with the help of wax remover.

Some also use it as first brush after waxing. Nice finish and handle made of wood.

VOLA paraffin tablet 200 g.

Highly recommended to clean your skis or snowboard without damaging the base (see description below). Also, very recommended to store the skis or snowboard between seasons.

Use paraffin as if it were wax, so, apply it with your waxing iron and scrap it completely. This will clean your skis or snowboard base.