Pack TOKO Express Racing Spray + Thermo Cork

TOKO Saving pack for better accelerationa and gliding properties when waxing your skis or snowboard

This pack could be a good complement to solid waxing thanks to the high fluorotinated spray wax. This pack includes:

  • TOKO Express Racing Spray Wax
  • TOKO Thermo Cork

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Contenido del pack

Highly fluorinated racing spray for all kinds of snow and temperatures

  • Unbeatable acceleration values
  • Very good sliding properties
  • Ideal for ambitious winter sports enthusiasts

Spray on and polish in using TOKO Thermo Cork.

Thermo Cork by TOKO

Brush for liquid and rub-on waxes.

  •  Expand the wax using felt side.
  • Then rub using the cork in order to generate heat and so better waxing.