Base wax

Base waxes, no additives. This waxes have an optimal performance at low humidity conditions and at a range temperature. Recommended for high performance training, and also, as base layer for other waxes, i.e. fluorinated. Recommended for maintenance and proteccion of the base of your skis and snowboard.


  • Hard snow

    The harder waxes, suitable for cold conditions and abrasive snow. These waxes because of its hardness, offer maximum protection from the base of your skis or snowboard. In contrast, its hardness makes it more difficult to scrape and brush. It is desirable to have the right brushes and scrapers methacrylate well sharpened.

  • Standard conditions

    Waxes of medium hardness, recommended for standard snow and temperature conditions, ie, powder snow and ambient temperatures from -10 ° to -5 ° C. Recommended for protection and maintenance of the base with this type of snow.

  • Slush

    Soft waxes, recommended for high temperature conditions. These waxes are easier to work during waxing and scraping, but also waxes are less endure, especially if you did not use in its range.