Vises for sharpening and waxing skis and snowboards.

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    Two points of anchorage SKIMAN ski vises. These, allow to work within the skis in three positions: flat, sided and oblique (60º), for more comfort when being in the workshop.

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  • 100,00 €

    Simple Fixation device for all types of alpine skis. The ski can be fixed flat, sideways and obliquely, which is very comfortable. The high-grip rubber pads prevent the skis from slipping. Thanks to their light weight, they are well suited for travelling. pd: 2 ski brake retainers included

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  • 112,00 €

    Two points SKIMAN snowboard stopper. Due to its major surface allows you to work properly with you snowboard base and edges.

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  • 119,98 €

    Ski Vise Cross-Country from SKIMAN

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  • 150,00 €

    3-piece fixation device for securing all types of alpine skis. The middle clamping jaw also allows to secure extra-wide freeride skis by clamping the binding. When preparing the edges, the skis can be secured both, in the normal 90° position or an angled 60° position. The sturdy centre fixation device opens up to 90 mm. Including 2 ski stopper holders.

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  • 160,00 €

    World Cup proven fixation device for securing alpine skis. The height of the two external surfaces can be adjusted and in addition to the 90° angle setting can be set at 60° for edge preparation. The sturdy centre fixation device with a 70 mm wide clamping surface opens up to 100 mm. Wider skis can be fixated by clamping the bindings. Including 2 ski...

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    Three points of anchorage. The middle anchor allows a maximum opening of 100 mm New model that allows three positions: lateral, flat and oblique (at 60º), this last one for greater comfort in the sharpening of the corners.

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  • 209,00 €

    VOLA Three anchor point ski vises. Front and tail anchors adjustable in height. Maximum aperture 100 mm.

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    SKIMAN Pro Wide Opening ara ski vises specially designed for freeride skis due to its major opening, 155 mm, of the middle anchor point, allowing to fix wide skis. The front and tale anchors are adjustables in high. ps: 2 ski brake retainers included

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    Pack SWIX waxing bench 120 x 35 cm + VOLA Racing Vises This pack includes: SWIX waxing bench for waxing skis and snowboards, 120 x 35 cm VOLA Racing Vises, adjustable in hight

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