Liquid wax

Fast application waxes for skis or snowboard, usualy liquid or rub-on format. Designed to supplement the first layer of hot wax, because of that, typically contain fluor. Highly recommended for an application the same day, and so, don't loose performance.


  • Liquid Universal Wax

    Wax for skis and snowboards for general use, for any type of snow and temperature, a recreational and non-competitive use. Suitable for the maintenance and protection of the base of your skis or snowboard.

  • Liquid base wax

    Liquid base waxes, no additives. This waxes have an optimal performance at low humidity conditions and at a range temperature. Recommended for high performance training, and also, as base layer for other waxes, i.e. fluorinated. Recommended for maintenance and proteccion of the base of your skis and snowboard.