Special bases

Do you dare to go downhill with a World Cup on your skis or snowboard base? Professional and competition waxes here. The most!

  • 21,20 €

    Vola Mx 901 base wax for waxing skis or snowboards. 200 g tablet. Very recommended as base wax. Especially when waxing new skis or snowboards. Also recommended to avoid base burning which occurs on aggressive made-man snows.

    21,20 €
  • 37,20 €

    VOLA base medium 200 g wax. Impregnation and training base for GS race skis. With its medium hardness, this base will feed the ski base while protecting against snow abrasion. 

    37,20 €
    Shipping in 15 days
  • 49,90 €

    VOLA MX 901 wax tablet 500 g. Perfect for training in cold and icy snows, but also very recomended as first waxing layer for new skis or snowboad.

    49,90 €
    Shipping in 15 days (maximum)
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