All Purpose Wax

Wax for skis and snowboards for general use, for any type of snow and temperature, a recreational and non-competitive use. Suitable for the maintenance and protection of the base of your skis or snowboard.

  • 7,60 €

    Universal wax tablet, 100 g, manufactured by BRIKO-Maplus. This wax is recommended for conditions of moderate to high, typical spring temperatures. Wax container for better storage included.

    7,60 €
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  • 9,95 €

    VOLA Ski or snowboard universal wax tablet 80 g. Perfect for any temperature and snow conditions. Plastic case for storage incluided.

    9,95 €
  • 13,95 €

    Wax tablet 200 g for ski or snowboard. Recommended for all snow conditions and temperatures.

    13,95 €
  • 17,80 €

    VOLA Universal wax 500 g block for ski or snowboard.All around wax for ski and snowboard. Recommended for any temperature and snow conditions.

    17,80 €
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