Diamond file grit 1000 and more

Diamond file super-fine grit (1000 or more) for the finest finishing of your skis or snowboard edges.

  • 36,00 €

    VOLA diamond file for sharpening skis or snowboard edges. This diamond file has super fine grit (1000). Its use is recommended after using other grits, like 600. 

    36,00 €
  • 36,92 €

    Diamond file by Diaface. Super fine grit (1500) for the sharpening of the edges of skis or snowboards. To be used at the last stage when finishing the edges, because it's the finest diamond stone.

    36,92 €
    Shipping in 15 days (max)
  • 90,00 €

    Extra fine diamond disc by Swix to be used in Swix Evo Pro Edge Tuner electric edge sharpening machine, see here. To sharpen ski and snowboard edges.

    90,00 €
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