Tools to sharp the edges of your skis or snowboard.


  • Sharpening Tools

    Products and tools to sharpen your skis and snowboard edges.

  • Diamond Files and Stones

    Diamond stones and other stones used for less aggressive actions that do not require the file such as: burrs (grinding stones) and polishing the edges (diamonds).


    DIAMONDS: used to polish the edges. There are different brands and measures, but especially distinguished by the density of diamond grains per cm^2. A denser, finer grinding, but less thicker the grain. Is not always adequate to start by the finest, you should start by grinding coarser and work down.


    STONES: used for burrs and to clean the edges.

  • Files

    Here you'll find files to sharpen your skis or snowboard edges.

    There are three types of files:
    - Bastard or Coarse
    - 2nd cut 
    - Smooth

    The difference between them is the number of steps per centimeter lime, more steps, more lime is fine. In contrast, the coarse files, for activities of more aggressive grinding, have fewer steps, but thicker