All type of brushes for cleaning and for polishing your skis or snowboard base after waxing: nylon, brass, horse hair...


  • Brass

    The brass brush is general and sportive use. With the help of wax remover, the brass brush is used to clean the ski or snowboard base of impurities and old wax before applying the new layer of base wax. Some also use it as first brush after waxing, specially with hard waxes (for cold snow).

  • Hard nylon

    The after scraping brushes for ski and snowboard waxing. Made of nylon, rather thick and large. These brushes are good for polishing the base when not very cold waxes are used, i.e., all-around waxes. For deeper polished, especially with hard waxes, thinner and shorter hair brushes should be used, as soft nylon, capable of better access to the pores of the structure (base).

  • Soft nylon

    Nylon brushes with finer and shorter hair. As the hard nylon, soft nylon are general use brushes; but these are better able to penetrate into the cavities and thus get a better polishing of the skis or snowboard base. Recommended for better polishing universal waxes and absolutely recommended for harder waxes.

  • Horse hair brushes

    The finest hair brushes, used for a better structure polishing of our skis or snowboard because of its fine hair. Sports and competitive use, always use it coming from a harder brush, ie, nylon brush. Best suited for hard waxes by which we get the most durable waxed.

  • Cork and felt

    Cork brushes are used for express waxes. First Rub-on with the cork, heat is generated and wax better penetrates to the base of skis or snowboards. Then, polish the base by rubbing with the felt side (in case of having it). For excellent results, finish brushing with a horse hair brush.

  • Rotary Brushes

    Rotary brushes for waxing skis and snowboards.

  • Structure Brushes

    Expert use only. Brushes to re-structure the base of skis or snowboards when this it's burnt, oxydized or hardened.