Your can choose between the following carriers: UPS (72H), GLS (4 days) and Seur (72H).

Example: a purchase by UPS on Monday is shipped on Tuesday and received on Thursday.

Shipping Cost

Depending on the carrier and the volume. Minimun it's 14.95 by SEUR (72H) for small orders. Check it in the check out.


Orders are shipped in an envelope of the carrier wrapped in bubble wrap, or cardboard box, for larger orders.


Email tracking is active during the shipping process and so the client is always informed.


Inoice is sent within the order. 

Orders reception

Due to the complexity of transport routes, we can not ensure that this happens at a specific time, but any note will be taken into account observations. In case of not being present for reception, notice shall cease to make contact and arrange receipt of order.


You'll find all the information about refound on here.