1. Can I return the product/s?

Yes you can return one or all the ordered products in case you're not satisfied with them.

2. What's the cost of returning a product?

On failure of the customer in choosing the product we may charge you with an additional cost of 20 €.

3. What about if the product is not what I ordered, is broken or is defective?

In that case, we take care of returning it with no additional cost.

4. How long do I have to return a product?

You can return any product during the next 30 days after receiving it.

5. How can I return a product?

Please, contact us on here or by emailing at during the next 14 days after receiving the order.

6. When do you refund me?

We will refund you during the next 24h after receiving the product/s. The product/s can not be used and all the labels and packaging must be exactly as the original product.

7. How do you refund the credit?

- In case of credit card payment, the credit is refund at the same credit card.
- Or, in case that you paid through a Paypal account, the credit is refund at the same Paypal account.