What is loyalty program?

It is a way to reward our frequent customers by discounting the 5 %* of their total baskets.

(* 10 € = 1 point = 0.5 € discount)


  • Discount will be available after delivering fist order
  • Minimum budget 35 € +vat, shipping excluded.

How do I obtain the discount?

Only for registered users. The points are assigned to users account automatically*.


  1. On your Personal Account -> "MY LOYALTY POINTS":
  2. Click on "TRANSFORM MY LOYALTY POINTS". Once done, a discont voucher is created in "MY VOUCHERS"
  3. Copy the discount voucher and pase it on the checkout resume, "VOUCHERS" section, and click "OK" just on the right side.

*Discount will be available after delivering fist order.

Ok, how can I register?

Register can be done by two ways:

- During the checkout resume, check "Acces to the discount program" checkbox.

- Or, by fillin the registration form .