Who we are?

My name is Oriol and I word as ski instructor since 2010-2011 season. I currently work at RACC ski snowboard school (Descens), now a days at the ressorts of La Molina (Spain), Les Angles and Puyvaldor (this two in the French Pirinees).

During the 2012-2013 season, I decided to open a blog to talk about skiing in general. This helped me to realize that the material to repair skis and snowboard is not easy to find. The next step was to create a store within the same blog, and in the summer of 2013, set up this shop by a prestashop template.

So far I have no physical store, I work from an little office in the north of Spain (next to Costa Brava, you should visit us ;) ). I always do my besto to send the orders as quickly as possible and for a full customer complience, and so, I hope some day you may be buy again.

Please if you have any questions, contact emailing at:


I will answer you as quickly as possible.

What does "mgb" mean?

I have decided to create a section to explain this, because it is a classic of the questions... :D

To be honest, I was quite lost when I made a desition about the web name... I never thougth that the blog I created (explained in a previous paragraph) I would end in an online shop. Mgb means "Materia Gris en Blanco" which in english would be Blank Grey Matter in Blank. This website was born from a first initial idea materiagrisenblanco.wordpress.com. I thought it was an original name for the double sense of having blank gray matter, ie think of nothing while talking about anything related to snow and skiing. The problem is that the name was quite long and, in fact, not many people understand at first. This made me reflect and think that perhaps it was a bit far-fetched, I decided to simplify and mgb born. Suddenly had a name too long to very short, snowculture born as tagline to add content to the acronym www.mgb-snowculture.com.

Now you know the story :D

Since how long have you been selling online?

Our web page www.mgb-snowculture.com is active since 2013, more than 3600 orders to Spain, France, Switzerland, Andorra, Italy, Portugal, UK, Germany, Greece, Bulgary and Belgium.

Check our customers satisfaction by clicking on Opinions.

Which payment methods do you accept?

Credit card, Paypal and Cash on Delivery are accepted for international orders.

Can I return the product in case I am not satisfied?

Yes. More information on here.

Can not find your question?

Please, contact us by sending us a message or by sening an email at info@mgb-snowculture.com and we will unswear as soon as possible.