Bundle: Alpine + Ski Pro

Lurbel Alpine + Lurbel Ski Pro

Budle of Lurbel socks:

- 1 Pair of Lurbel Alpine compressive socks

- 1 Pair of Lurbel Ski Pro socks

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Contenido del pack

Socks with Bmax and compression technology, two technologies in a sock

Alpine socks by Lurbel. This high performance ski specific sock features Bmax technology in the foot and compression technology in the leg, helping to improve the performance of the muscle group.

Structure of the sole of the foot, ESP, is developed in collabora­tion with the Spanish Association of Sports Podiatry.

B-max: technology developed by Lurbel that is based on the use of chitin thread (regenactiv) which has breathable and antibacterial properties, but above all stands out to avoid the formation of blisters.

Compressive: a slight compression keeps in tone the muscle groups helping to a slightly better performance.


52% regenactiv · 25% thermo · 15% polyamide · 8% lycra

USES: high performance alpine ski.

Lurbel fine fabric socks for high performance ski and snowboard practice. Thermal requirement: feel thermoplus suitable for temperatures of + 5 ° to -15 ° C. Technology: THERMO that maximizes the retention of body heat and comfort, breathability and adaptability. No seams and reinforced areas.

Composition: 92 % poliamide, 8 % elastomer

feel thermoplus: recommended for low temperatures activities. Bactericidal properties.

THERMO: vacuum yarn technology that ensures a good body heat retention and breathability.