List of products by manufacturer BRIKO-Maplus Ski Wax

Italian manufactured of high quality waxes and tools for ski and snowboard repair and maintenance.

Official supplier of some national teams like: Alpine, Para-Alpine and Ski Cross Canada, Italian Winter Sports Federation, Norwegian Ski Team, Sweden Ski Team, Russian Cross Country Ski Teamn and others.

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  • 8,00 €

    Pair of BRIKO-Maplus alpin ski straps.

    8,00 €
  • 13,90 €

    Super Glide Wax by BRIKO-Maplus Ski Wax Universal fluoro rub on type ski and snowboard wax by BRIKO-Maplus. Recommended snow temperature from -15º to 0º C. Run on with a cork brush after applying wax, more information here. 

    13,90 €
  • 21,30 € -15% 18,11 €

    Liquid base wax for skis and snowboards intended for sporting use and training, 150 ml. Recommended for cold snow. Highly valued for the workability of a liquid wax and a the benefits for hard snow.

    21,30 € -15% 18,11 €
    Reduced price!
  • 24,00 €

    BRIKO-Maplus universal fluoro cream wax 250 ml Recommended as an extra waxing layer to the base wax layer. Apply by spreading out the cream on the base and then polish with a cork and polish with horse hair brush. Content 250 ml.

    24,00 €
  • 35,90 €

    Briko Steel Structure Brush This brush is recommended for professional use to free hardened, oxydized or brunt bases, allowing the wax to penetrate deep.

    35,90 €
Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items