Black Crows Captis + Tyrolia Attack 13

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A sweetly savage ski

“The Captis is aggressive and powerful, so you can really charge it on piste. Its decent width means you can go out and have huge amounts of fun off piste too. This ski can handle anything your crazy mind can dream up.”

Luca Tribondeau

Medium width, rapid and vivacious, the captis is ideal for resort skiing. A relatively narrow ski the captis is very responsive and has quick edge-to-edge transition. the captis is very tolerant and nice to ski.

Selling points:

- Hyper-playful ski at an accessible price

- Wild ski

- Fun on trackedslopes

- Relief around about


Top 10 - Fall Line Magazine

Technicals specifiations:

- Medium width: 90mm width.

- Double rocker: great manoeuvrability, control and pivot.

- Medium classic camber: classic camber underfoot with moderate ski/snow contact, creating a good balance between stability and manoeuvrability.

- Tight sidecut and 17 meter turning radius: good for turning. Easy and quick to carve. This ski turns quite tightly.

- Tolerant flex: comfortable and accessible

The AAAttack 13 is a lightweight, solid construction freeski binding, delivering strength, performance power translation and premium safety from backcountry booters and powder to icy transitions and parks.

It has a DIN range of 4-13, a FR Pro Toe with wider AFD metal for constant release values for a safer more stable ride. Tough, compact and with precision handling it is a tough freeski binding for all terrains.