Pack Antuco Cumbre - Lurbel

Pack of base and 2nd layer: Cumbre + Antuco

This pack includes two themal shirts:

  • Cumbre from Lurbel, base thermal layer
  • Antuco from Lurbel, thermal second layer

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Contenido del pack

Second layer thermal shirt for men and women. Recommended only for sport practice at the lowest temperatures. Technology: THERMO, thermal requirements: feel thermoxtrem.

Composition: 73 % THERMO, 27 % Polyamide Ion

feel thermoxtrem: maximum thermal retention. Bactericidal properties.

THERMO: vacuum yarn technology with excellent thermal properties and high breathability performance.

First layer clothing made of intelligent fabric (feel thermo tech) in order to regulate the body temperature that makes it bactericial and odourless.

With feel thermo tech technologie which regulates the body temperature.

Recommended for aerobic activities in cold conditions.


cuadro tallas Lurbel CumbreComposition: 37% Carbonized bamboo, 36% Multifilament polyester, 22% Ion Polyamide, 5% Lycra.

Thermal demand: 15º to -5ºC

Feel Thermo Tech technology:

  •          Thermoregulators and tanspirables
  •          Anti-bactericide
  •          Anti-wrinkle
  •          Lightweight
  •          Ultraviolet protection 50+
  •          Side: without seams
  •          Ergonomic design adaptable to male body morphology